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2017 Gold Cup

The 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup is the maximum level tournament of this Confederation football team. It is the equivalent to the Copa America of CONMEBOL and classifies the champion to the Confederations Cup. This tournament is played with three pre-selected teams that are United States, Mexico and Canada, the rest of the teams qualify through different regional tournaments such as the Central American Cup and the Caribbean Cup.
This year the Gold Cup will be held in the United States between July 7 and 26. Recall that last year the United States hosted the so-called Copa America Centenario.

Selections that participate in the 2017 Gold Cup
As mentioned, they are already classified
The selections of Canada, the United States and Mexico are assured their classification to these are added, Curacao and French Guiana that will participate for the first time of this event, something historical for these selections. Martinique, Jamaica, and four Central American teams will be determined to leave the 2017 Panama Central American Cup.

The United States was determined as the seed of the group B while Mexico will be seeded in Group C.

Venues and stadiums for the 2017 Gold Cup
The 2017 Gold Cup will be played in the United States between 7 and 26 July this year. 13 US cities will host this tournament that will consecrate the best of CONCANCAF. Let's see what the venues and the respective stadiums of the tournament will be.

To keep in mind: as they still have to determine the squares of Central America there are stadiums that still do not have scheduled matches.

Venues of the 2017 Gold Cup.
Located in the state of New Jersey this city will host two matches of group A of the 2017 Gold Cup, both on July 7, time to confirm.
The stadium where the games will be played is the Red Bull Arena, soccer stadium (soccer) with capacity for 25,189 spectators and field with natural grass.

Located in the state of Tennessee, this city has the Nissan Stadium a multi-sport stadium with capacity for 68,798 spectators, it will play two games of group B.

San Diego
Qualcomm Stadium in California will play two games of group C, the stadium has a capacity for 71,294 spectators.

BBVA Compass Stadium with capacity for 22 thousand spectators will be one of the stadiums in the state of Texas. Two matches of group A will be played on July 11.

Tampa Bay
City located in the state of Florida, will host with its Raymond James Stadium an American football stadium with capacity for 65,857 spectators. For the moment there are scheduled two games of group B on 12 July.

In the state of Colorado we will have two matches of group C, the stadium will be the Sport Authority Field with capacity for 76,125 spectators.

Also known as Frisco, Dallas is a city in Texas, the stadium will be the Toyota Stadium, an American football stadium with capacity for 21,193 spectators.

Located in the state of Ohio this city has the FirstEnergy Stadium with capacity for 73,200 spectators.

San Antonio
The Alamodome will host two matches of Group C of the Gold Cup. It has a capacity for 65 thousand spectators.

Santa Clara
This stadium was the venue for the Copa América Centenario, we are talking about Levi's Stadium where the opening match of the Centennial Cup will be played. It has capacity for 72,864 spectators. The stadium was home to the memorable Super Bowl 50.

AT & T Stadium will be another of the stadiums of the Gold Cup, with a capacity for 85 thousand spectators.

Los Angeles
The Rose Bowl Stadium, a starring stadium in the biggest sporting events on American soil, in addition to being one of the headquarters of the America Centennial Cup, this remembered stadium was home to the 1994 World Cup and the final.

Lincoln Financial Field, another of the stadiums that hosted the Copa America Centenario, will now host the 2017 Gold Cup. Located in the city of Pennsylvania, it has a capacity for 68,532 spectators.

The University of Phoenix Stadium, where the game was played for the third place in the Copa America 2016, now returns to be the protagonist but the 2017 Gold Cup. It has a capacity for 63,400 spectators.

Africa Cup of Nations Gabon 2017

This tournament is the largest exponent at the level of selections of the African continent. Between January 14 and February 5 will be held in Gabon the 31st edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, the equivalent of the EuroCup or Copa America but in Africa. A total of 16 teams from the 48 teams that make up the CAF will seek to be the best in Africa, the winner will enter the 2017 Confederations Cup and will join Group B with Chile, Germany and Australia.

Selections from the Gabon 2017 Africa Cup
Algeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Morocco, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda and Zimbabwe.
Guinea-Bissau is entering the tournament for the first time. Egypt is the selection with more participations and with more championships gained, 7 in total. Ivory Coast is the defender of the title.
Group A: Gabon, Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Guinea-Bissau
Group B: Algeria, Tunisia, Senegal and Zimbabwe
Group C: Côte d'Ivoire, DR Congo, Morocco and Togo
Group D: Ghana, Mali, Egypt and Uganda

Competition format
The Cup is divided in 4 groups of 4 teams each, the two best of each group will enter the play off. The group stage will run from 14 to 25 January. The quarterfinals will be played on 28 and 29 January. The semi-finals will be played on February 1st and 2nd, the third-place match will be played on February 4th. February 5th will be the grand final, the champion will have a place in the 2017 Confederations Cup.

Image source: wikipedia

Download Google Drive for PC

Advantages of downloading Google Drive
As a first advantage what we have is an extra storage of 15 GB currently with each Google account clear is can be expanded in case you need more space. But best of all is the convenience of sending files from your desktop to the Google cloud space, it has a very intuitive interface and the process is extremely simple, as mentioned above you can save your family memories, work files, data Study and have access to them whenever you want.

The good thing is that in case you upload files such as Word documents or Excel spreadsheets you can open them with Google Docs, it is not necessary to have extra applications on your mobile or tablet to have to open these documents. Remember that to access Google Drive then you need a Google account which you get when you log in to gmail.

Here you have all the information to know what Google Drive is and how it works. In the meantime you can download the app for your computer that will allow you to easily and quickly synchronize files on your desktop like music, mp3, videos, photos and more to your Google account, so that you have access to them from anywhere, And in case you have a problem with your PC you can recover the files.

Google Drive Sync. Google Drive Offline Installer 2017. Google Drive 2017. Download Google Drive 2017. Login Google Drive. How do I sign in to Google Drive? How do I open my Google Drive account?

Download Google Drive
The application is available for both PCs with Windows operating system and Mac computers using iOS systems, also for Android for anyone who wants to download it to your Android Smartphone or tablet.

Google Drive

What is Google Drive? How does Google Drive work? What is Google Drive for? What's the difference between Google Drive and Google Docs? Tips and advice on Google Drive. Save files to the Google cloud for free. Online storage of files with Google Drive.

Google Drive could be defined as a storage service, how it works is a union of a website and an application that work as links between internet users and users who have a Google account and its own storage system on the cloud. It is understood to drive in the world of computing as a means of storage, then in short the phrase Google Drive talks about an internet-based file hosting service and with Google at the top.

The application was launched in April 2012 and by October 2014 had 240 million active users. Now the process of storing files from Google started the moment it launched Gmail back in 2004. Although the users did not have an interface where they view the files in the form of folders, it was real that the attachments how the messages Were stored on Google's servers.

By February of 2007 all users with a Google account could access Google Docs, a set of tools that had a word processor and a spreadsheet, in addition to being able to edit these online files could also be stored.

For April 2012 Google launched the App available for both Windows, Mac, Android phones, and also for iPhone and iPad devices.

The user, when login Gmail or entering in the Google account, accesses the Google Drive icon through the toolbox, where they can upload files from their computer or mobile, edit, share, modify, etc. This allows users to not rely on a fixed hard disk in their computers to store files such as photos, videos, documents, among others, making access to these files much easier.

Go to

WhatsApp Web

Opening WhatsApp from a computer is possible, it can be through a web link that allows to play the session of the phone in an internet window. The web address is
By entering this website you can log on whatsapp from your computer, of course you must have your phone on hand to be able to scan the QR code that allows to synchronize the session of the phone to the computer, in case you turn off the cell phone, lose internet connection or too far away the cell phone session of the PC will expire.
whatsapp on computer
Advantages of WhatsApp on the computer
We have all seen or have friends that your fingers move at an unsuspected speed when chatting on whatsapp from the cell, but there is nothing faster and easier than the computer keyboard, to chat with several friends at the same time use the computer . Also in case you want to make the photos and images of whatsapp is much easier to store them on the PC as it has an easy download button.

WhatsApp Web QR Code
Why does WhatsApp ask me for a QR code? How do I read the code to open WhatsApp from a PC? Where do I find the QR code to allow me to log in to WhatsApp from a computer?
Generate QR code to access WhatsApp from a PC
For that you must go to the website of WhatsApp Web, once there will immediately appear the code in the right sector of the screen.
How do you read the code?
You should have a Smartphone with WhatsApp already installed and validated, internet connection and a camera. Once you do this you will go to the chat section and select in WhatsApp Web options.
You will see how the camera of the cell phone is activated and it becomes a QR code reader, approach it to the screen of the computer and it reads the code, you will feel a small vibration in the cellular when it is synchronized, once done this will appear WhatsApp in the Computer.


Sign In SoundCloud. Share audio

I want a SoundCloud account. How do I sign in to SoundCloud? Sign up for SoundCloud free. Free SoundCloud Premium account. Create SoundCloud account in english.
One of the most used social networks, although surely unknown for many this venture began in 2007 when Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss created the first prototype. The company currently has its headquarters in the city of Berlin and has more than 190 employees.
Image source wikipedia
What is SoundCloud?
The cloud of sound or sounds in the cloud as you prefer, is a cloud computing service or online storage dedicated purely and exclusively to store sound files, one of its attractions is that it generates a player that can be embedded in a web or in a social network very easily making this social network one of the favorites for those who want to share audio. It is estimated that SoundCloud has more than 3 million active users.
How to start SoundCloud session?
We have two options, either we register and like any social network or email we must place our basic data such as name, age, location, etc. Or we can access it through a facebook account already created; The only thing that will appear in our biography a link that we like or are followers of SoundCloud, an advantage when it comes to wanting to share audio as audio books, news for people with different abilities, people who do not have acquired reading habits, etc.

The Most downloaded in 2016

What was the most downloaded in 2016? Which was the most downloaded APP of 2016? The most downloaded program of 2016.
Whether it's taking a picture of your favorite singer, the new app of the moment, the last hit that sounds on the radio or the sports calendar of your club, we all undoubtedly do searches related to downloads on the web and we do with content, Which was the most searched to download this 2016

At the top of the list and with an unreasonable increase is Pokemon Go, this app developed by Niantic happened to be a worldwide phenomenon. The phone line took 75 years to reach 100 million users worldwide, Pokemon GO cost a couple of days.
In second place is Bulleya Song, a song by artists Amit Mishra and Shilpa Rao released this 2016 that won the Screen Award Award for Best Male Playback, the song is the theme of the Hindu film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.
In the third location we find Lagu Closer, the theme of The Chainsmokers nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance Duo or Group is one of the musical themes of the moment.
In the fourth location we find Facebook Lite, the light version of facebook for mobile phones, especially for Android, has had a tremendous impact on social networks using the new version of facebook for mobile.
The fifth place is for a program that allows you to download internet videos for Android phones in HD quality and we are talking Vidmate.
The sixth location is for a web page that already has a bunch of clones called tamilrockets, a movie downloads site.
Shareit is an app that allows you to easily transfer files between your computer and your cell phone to share content on social networks, the download of this app was between the 10 of all the year 2016.
Kodi located in the eight position of the most downloaded of the year, this app allows you to turn any television into a smartv with the Kodi Pi Case. The download of the App was one of the most wanted topics.
StarmusiQ is another website of music downloads that occupied the first positions of downloads, is Hindu, the impact of this nation in the millions of downloads is impressive.
And in the tenth position but not least we found the option to download Windows 10; The new version of Windows has made millions of people in the world want to make the new edition.

Skype Web

Skype for web is a light version of Microsoft Skype messenger. Very similar in popularity to what was web Messenger, an online version of Windows Messenger that allowed us to chat without having to download anything. Now Skype has this version that allows you to establish a quality conversation using a web browser.

Advantages of Skype web
You can use and only need an internet connection and access to a web browser, so you do not need to download any application, either by restrictions on the computer or because you do not have enough space or permissions to make modifications to the computer. With Skype online web you can chat online and do not need to download anything.

I do not have Skype account how do I sign in?

The implementation of facebook at the time of logging in allows you to enter your Messenger online without having to create a new account, you just have to log in to facebook and you're already using Skype.

Internet Explorer 11

There was a time when the King of Internet browsers was Microsoft's Internet Explorer. We are currently using version 11 of this peculiar program that allows us to surf the internet, the window to the world of news, entertainment, meet new friends, even work. If you are looking to upgrade to the new version or simply download Internet Explorer 11 here we tell you what to do.
In case you did not know Internet Explorer is an application owned by the company Microsoft. It was released in August 1995 and included in a package called Microsoft Plus! For Windows 95. By August 1996 it was already included with OSR2 version of Windows 95. The most of the internet users use Internet Explorer for Hotmail Login.
Version 4.0 that should be one of the most used versions of the system was included with Windows 98. On October 3, 2014 was released the latest version of Internet Explorer, we talk about the 11 and comes by default in Windows 10; This program is available in more than 90 languages ​​including Spanish.

The Internet explorer boom
When coming by default in the Windows operating system the vast majority of users used this program to surf the internet without suspecting that there were other programs that offered the same service, the rise of Internet Explorer came with the arrival of Windows XP, it was during the period 2000-2003 where almost 100% of Internet users surfed through Internet Explorer, with the arrival of Mozilla Firefox and especially Google Chrome, Internet Explorer was losing popularity; Is currently used by less than 20% of Internet users.


Who invented facebook? How does facebook work? Why facebook is so popular? Because Facebook is so famous. History of business facebook. Business inspiration facebook story.
Facebook is a social network and a company based in the United States. Its creator, top shareholder and CEO is Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook's headquarters is located in the area known as Menlo Park located in the east side of San Mateo County in the state of California.
The creators and founders of Facebook are: Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. All of them were in 2005 season university students of the University of Harvard.
Before facebook existed facemash, a web developed by Zuckerberg. In September of 2005 facebook was launched to the university campus with an excellent reception.
For August 26, 2008, facebook already had 100 million users and a monthly growth of 178%.
In September of 2012 reaches 1000 million users. It currently has around 1790 million users. It also has 15,700 employees around the world.
In which programming language is facebook made?
Facebook runs under various programming languages. According to its creators it was developed in C ++, PHP and D Language.
Impact of Facebook on the city of Menlo Park
The last census was in 2010 and reported 32,096 inhabitants. Demographics Estimates have a population of 33,309. In 2012 facebook announced the location of its headquarters in this district, currently in the headquarters work 6,600 employees daily.

Source: wikipedia


E-mail or e-mail is a communication system that allows users to send and receive text messages, even with attachments used by the global connection internet network as a platform for message flow.
To have an email account you need to register with an email provider that can be free or paid.
Some of the most famous free e-mail services are:
at symbol
How does an email work?
An email address basically has three parts, the user name, the at sign and the domain name. The username is the name with which a person registers with a particular mail provider. The at (@), is a symbol to determine where the user name ends and where the provider starts. The name after the at sign is the domain name of the service provider.
E-mail was very popular during the first era of the internet, it was easier to send a message to a person, attach files, etc. The rise of social networks had not arrived so the best communication was through the mail or the famous Messenger.
How do I create an email? How does an email work? Who Invented Email? What does email mean?
Image source: wikipedia

Now you can download Netflix

The company announced that users will now be able to download content from their website. The complete note can be seen in the online edition of The Washington Post.
On November 30, 2016, Netflix announced that its subscribers would be able to view shows, series and movies in offline mode, at no extra cost, Netflix content is not available for this, but most of it, in a nutshell Netflix Enabled the download of its content.
Now you can see your series, movies and cartoons on your Android or iOS phone directly on Netflix even if you do not have an internet connection, the same on a PC or tablet. This new functionality allows you to finish watching movies or your favorite chapter even if the internet connection has been cut off.
The great thing about this new Netflix tool is that it has no extra cost.

netflix logo

What is Netflix?
It is a California based company that allows you to watch online content like movies and series in HD quality in their original language or subtitled, the tool works through a monthly payment that allows you to see on phones, computers, smartv, etc. Netflix works around the world except: China, Syria, Crimea and North Korea.
Image Source: wikipedia

United States Elections 2016

The United States 2016 elections will be the 58th presidential election in the United States. US voters will elect the President and Vice President of the United States. The elections will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 in all states.

The candidates for President and Vice President of United States
For the Democratic Party candidates are:
President - Hillary Clinton
Vice-President: Tim Kaine

For the Republican Party candidates are:
President: Donald Trump
Vice-President: Mike Pence

Watch presidential elections. US Elections 2016 Live. US Elections 2016. See the US elections live. Result of the US elections. Who won the 2016 US elections?

The US presidential elections are and will be one of the most common events this year and the entire history media coverage. It is estimated that only in the first presidential debate was a total audience of 81 million viewers.

They will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 in the United States. At that time US voters will choose between Republican candidate Donald Trump and the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.
united states election 2016

Election number 58
These will be the 58th edition of the elections for President and Vice President of the United States.

For the Democratic Party: Hillary Clinton
First Lady of the United States between 1993 and 2001.
US Senator between 2001 and 2008.
Secretary of State of the United States between 2009 and 2013.

For the Republican Party: Donald Trump
President of the Trump organization since 1971.
Businesswoman, tv presenter, TV producer, executive, investor and politician.
Founder and president of the real estate company owns Trump hotels, resorts and spa throughout the world.

US Presidential Elections 2016 Presidential Election Result United States 2016.

Punta del Este

The city of Punta del Este is one of the most important spas and resorts region of Uruguay and southamerica. It is taken as a reference point to separate the Rio de La Plata and the Atlantic Ocean.  
The peninsula of Punta del Este is the most commercial and tourist center of the region, with two very important beaches are the Mansa and Brava.

The Mansa beach is the beach which is west of the city and is guarded by the bay so that its waves are calm and quiet, has very fine golden sand and is easily accessible, is busy mostly by families and vacationers who like recreation.

Brava beach, located east of the peninsula is washed by the waves of the Atlantic ocean and its waves varies between medium and high visitor is mainly those who enjoy water sports such as sailing, surfing, among others.
Night in Punta del Este is enjoyed mainly in its commercial and urban center with stylish restaurants, shopping centers, shops and art galleries such as the renowned International Art Expo Punta del Este.

The center of the city revolves around its streets and main avenue, Gorlero Avenue.

Punta del Este is a city located in the coastal area of ​​Maldonado in Uruguay. Its foundation dates from 1907, has a set of about 12 thousand inhabitants, yet each year in high season (summer) population totals more than half a million inhabitants.

Some of its attractions besides its beaches with golden sands are walks Casa Pueblo, the Lighthouse, Gorriti Island, Lobos Island, among others. Punta del Este hotel has the largest coverage in the country with five-star hotels, convention centers and film festivals, walks, tours, etc.

The city has a bus terminal with access to several parts of the country, especially its capital, Montevideo and also target several bus agencies.

Image: Casa Pueblo. Source: wikipedia

Gmail New Account

How do I create a new Gmail account? What steps to follow to create an email account in Gmail? It is very easy to create an email account in Gmail, just follow these steps to create one.
gmail create new account
Ilustrative image. Image source:
What benefits do I have to use Gmail?
Having an email with 15GB of free storage, in addition to a virtual disk called Google Drive with which you can store photos, galleries, your office documents, PDF files, etc.
Having an inbox that is available in more than 72 languages.
Extra storage capacity.
Integration with social networks, notifications on your Smartphone in real time.
anti spam filter to have your input tray extremely clean.
Ability to fully synchronize your email with your contacts on your mobile.
Custom Search post in the tray to find out exact words, contacts, phrases, etc.
Money transfer and payment methods differences using Google tools.

Steps to create the account
Enter the official website of Gmail is mail, then click on the button that says Create an account. If you already have an account click where it says Login to open your tray.

What data need to create an email account?
In the next window you will see an online form where you will place name, last name, username, password (you must place twice), date of birth on the day, month and year format.
Gender, cell phone contact and alternate email account if you already have.
Finally the town where you are.
Click on the button that says Next.

What is the username?
The user name is the name that other users will send email messages and which are about to log Gmail, is what is before @

Why you have to put twice the password?
Is the way for the system to compare the password you placed is correct, by placing twice the system compares field 1 to field 2 in case of a mismatch must put it back.

What I used to have an alternate email account?
If you forget your username and / or password, an email will be sent to this alternative account to recover your Gmail account.

Working as website writer

There are several market offers to work as a web copywriter from home. Several websites have offers companies and individuals to be able to take advantage of your talent creating online content and can be converted into money, it is a very good deal to achieve economic solvency and eventually your own financial independence. 

True, it is a task that requires dedication and computer skills, a person with minimal computer skills will have fewer opportunities against those who handle a range of tools ranging from text editors through programs such as Photoshop, know how to use wordpress, blogger or other CMS platform and know much but much the operation of the Internet and social networks.

If you feel ready, here's a list of where to get work as a web editor
Working as website writer
Image source: flickr

technical writer jobs
freelance writer jobs
website writing jobs
web writing jobs

Download Gmail

Now you can download gmail to your phone, whether you have a Blackberry, Android, Nokia or Windows Phone or even an iPhone, the difference with the operating system is no longer a barrier, but Android could work much better since it is a operating system developed by Google, Gmail works correctly on any type of device is Windows, Apple or Linux.

The Gmail inbox is accessed through a web browser that can be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, among others. Once we have the web browser and an Internet connection to go to placing our username and password can now log Gmail.

Now, there is a chance you want to have the inbox on your Smartphone or from a desktop application such as Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird. Gmail is compatible with this type of software so you can have your tray on the desktop and online, Gmail syncs seamlessly with these applications and do not lose any information.

download gmail
Users search
Download Gmail for Blackberry
Download Gmail for Android
Download Gmail for Windows phone
Download Gmail for Nokia
Download Gmail for Samsung
Download Gmail for iPhone
Download Gmail for PC

My Gmail Inbox

To open Gmail only just go to and have access to your inbox. Now if you are having trouble viewing your email correctly're in the right place.

I have problems when you log Gmail, What to do?
The first thing you have to do is make sure you are actually in Gmail I mail official website, for that the web is

Then make sure there is no data in the history or cookies or open sessions for other users that may be hindering the proper operation of your computer or Smartphone, for that in our computer from the web browser we will press the keys: SHIFT + capital letters + Delete and history cleaner is activated, this allows you to navigate faster and in case there is an open session, close it.

Once you're on the website of Gmail remembers enter your username and password. But remember both the password and the username of Gmail there is a chance to recover, but that must remember the steps you took when creating the email account, one of the simplest options is to place the phone number gave high, another is by placing an alternate email address that gave it high in advance before creating the account permanently.

My Gmail Inbox

gmail inbox
gmail account
gmail inbox access

I can't login Gmail

I can not open my Gmail, you can not access my email Gmail, I have trouble opening my inbox, I can not access Gmail, I have trouble opening my email, I can not log correctly. If you are going through some problems, we say quiet! There's a solution.
The first thing to do is what is happening, and you can not access for different reasons.
I lost the password of Gmail, how comeback?
Click where it says: Do you need help?
Then click where it says: I forgot my password
Then enter your username
Later you will be asked to enter the last password you remember. Note that can be turned capitalization and that can bring you headaches. You should entering the last password you remember you can not log in, then have the option of recovery according acted on the form to create the account, it can be through an account secondary email or by a phone number, phone, password, etc.
I forget my Gmail username, what do I do?
Click where it says: Do you need help?
Click where it says: I forgot my username.
There you will have three options to recover your account. The first is by placing your recovery email address or alternate email. This is an e-mail where the data is sent in case you lose them.
You can place a phone number must be the same with which you sign up for Gmail.
Place your name.
recovery gmail account
Forget my password Gmail
I forgot my password email
I want my Gmail password
I lost my password Gmail

India launched the most economic smartphone in the world

Costing only 251 rupees a nearly $4 Bell Ringing a manufacturer of cellular phones based in India launched the Freedom 251, a smartphone with all the features of smartphones today, for a market that is the second largest in the world. India today has millions of mobile phone users but 54% of the population has no access to a phone.

Features of the Freedom 251
4-inch screen
Processor 1.3 Ghz quad-core
1 GB of RAM
8 GB of internal storage expandable to 32 GB with a micro SD memory
rear 3.2 megapixel camera
0.3 megapixel front camera
1450 mAh battery
Operating system: Android 5.1

Reservations for this product are made via web through the manufacturer's website, will be open from February 18 at 06:00 hours, local time in India until 21 February at 20:00 local time. Product deliveries will start on June 30, 2016.

For the launch of this product was nothing more nor less than the first defense minister of India, to empower India to the last person, the growth and transformation of India are impressive.

india smartphone freedom 251

India is the second largest market in terms of mobile phones about to overtake the United States that is larger phone market worldwide.

Login Spotify

Besides having Gmail on your phone, there are other good uses to which you can use, one that is more ringing right now is Spotify, an application that lets you listen to music on your cell continuously without having to download anything, rather than the application itself.

Spotify was created by a Swedish company of the same name, it has signed agreements with several record companies not to violate trade agreements in June 2015 had an explosive growth in nearly 30 million users compared with 2014. By June 2015 Spotify had 75 million registered users, of which 20 million are users with Premium accounts.

Spotify is currently available in 55 countries, was released on October 7, 2008 in Europe, while it was launched to the world in mid-2009, its creators are Swedes Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon.

Login Spotify on smartphone
Spotify works the same way as various internet services work, you must have a registered user, there are two accounts Spotify free account and premium account, which allows greater access to music, unlimited reproduction and better audio quality that is playing.
Free accounts have the disadvantage of having a limit, which has varied over the years.
spotify web player spotify smartphone free spotify login spotify sign in spotify
Ilustrative image. Source: flickr
Spotify works: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows Phone, Symbian, iOS, Android and BlackBerry, you can also listen on Spotify Free Play Station 3 and Playstation 4.

Know more at:

Login Hotmail

I have problems when you go to Hotmail. As I can do to go to the home page of Hotmail mail. Because I have problems to go to Hotmail Email. I can not access my Hotmail box correctly.

Surely if you're going through something like what you just described is because you're trying to log Hotmail and do not succeed or you find it too cumbersome, well, we show you how.

To go to Hotmail email you just have to enter in the address bar of your web browser the URL

What is a web browser?
An application that is installed on your computer, laptop, notebook or tablet, can be Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari or another.

What is a URL?
It is a link address that lets you go to a web page, for example to go to facebook have to go to To go to Hotmail we go to A website is not an email, or an email, or a user.

login hotmail

Once you're in the Hotmail website only you need to enter your username and password. Unlike Gmail, Hotmail is necessary to place the mail domain since you can log bothhotmail,outlook andlive, so users can be similar.

If you do not have a Hotmail account we recommend Hotmail sign in.

Register gmail email account

Gmail has become the preferred internet users email. With more than one million registered users is the email service with more users worldwide, this great leap is due to Google Play, from the arrival of the tablet and smartphones, many users who did not have an account must Gmail register to obtain applications, not only that, Gmail tools make users choose to spend more time browsing your tablet with a computer.

Register in Gmail easy, just go to, click where it says create account, fill the fields in the form and ready, and be on your Gmail inbox. The place where you can send and receive emails. 

Also, if you're on a tablet you can easily create a document or spreadsheet. For example if you are a professional or self-employed can take total control of your business from your tablet or smartphone, you can share documents work safely alone with whoever you want, plus you do not worry about storage space because Gmail offers free storage .

Open Hotmail Email

Email is now an essential tool both for work, study, communicate with friends or buy. Why? Why it works as a tool for identity validation, email decades is one of the stars of Internet tools, while there are new tools like social shopping sites, car rental, hotels, travel and much more. So the mail and Hotmail all mail has become a tool for identity verification.

When you create a new account on a shopping site, travel, business or social network the first thing they ask is an email, and I have insurance, but it is do not forget to register Hotmail. If you have then you should submit it to receive a verification message.

Having a Hotmail is very easy, simply go to and register it only takes a few minutes and you can chat, make friends, post to social networks, create documents, share photos and videos, all completely free.

Hotmail is still one of the most popular among users post, the mere fact that it is one of the oldest means that new users trust the opinions of Internet users with years of experience they have one thing to say, Hotmail still the best.

Open Hotmail

Hotmail Sign In

The Hotmail is one of the most widely used internet because of the benefits provided by the user as well as their characteristics, if what you want is to log Gmail, in this article we will discuss how you can do just by following some simple steps.

To log Gmail must first go to the site of your email account, there you log in, you must enter your username and then you will see an option that says password or password, there must write it, then you must click on the button that says accept or log in. As we mentioned Hotmail is one of the most used because through it we can receive updates from social networks.

Hotmail also allows us through MSN chat from your inbox, also has a calendar where we can write all new activities weekly or monthly basis. These are just some of the benefits and entitlements which owns Hotmail eMail.

Another benefit is that Hotmail has the power to customize our coreo as we have the opportunity to change the graphics and design of the front of the tray.

To login to Gmail, you should do through your Gmail, and then write your personal information to access your mail account.

How to use Gmail on an iPhone?

How to send an email from Gmail on an iPhone? How to use Gmail on an iPhone?

Here are some questions that hundreds of iPhone Smartphone users are doing at the moment, such as whether they have to pay something extra for using your mail or Gmail specifically can use it or not.

In this article you will find it very easy to configure Gmail on an iPhone. We will go step by step to be able to send an email from your Gmail account from your iPhone, for that you must do the following:

Go to iTunes.

Search the Gmail iPhone app, it is free.

This application works for both iPhone and iPad.

The last stable version is 27 August this year.

It weighs nly 9 Mb.

What you can do with Gmail on my iPhone?

Besides being able to send and receive emails, you can: configure up to five Gmail accounts by phone.

Receive notifications on the screen of your phone when you have a new email and see when I get a new message.

Search specifically in your mail inbox.

Use Google Calendar to see what they have scheduled and manage your calendar based on your activities.

Send messages with attachments that are on your iPhone.

Last version 2.4

Now you can send larger attachments with the new version.

Besides integration with Google Drive it is much better.

The new version has a more intuitive design and much clearer. Also while surfing the Internet and have your active account can click on the +1 button, you can become a follower of a publication and you can make comments on websites with your Gmail account.

Note that this is an official application from Google, you can download the complete safety from iTunes.

Gmail on smartphone

Best of Gmail, Gmail for mobile. Without doubt the best email when using a mobile device like a smartphone is Gmail. Why Gmail is the best email for use in a cell?

The reality today mark the biggest email providers seeking to catch mobile users, people who use social networks, living always connected and always be aware of technological developments.

But ... not always good color schemes and advertising campaigns that users will choose one or the other post, the trend is that today those who use email on their cell chooses to Gmail.

This is due to the great features found in Gmail. First because of its universality, its platform makes it accessible from almost any device, even if it has the Android operating system.

The high accessibility by users is key. But there are other aspects that users put in the balance when opting for Gmail, for example:

Gmail for mobile displays search suggestions in section while we are writing.

You can open your inbox in almost any mobile device, even if you have Android installed.

You can view and manage multiple accounts.

You can work with labels, so as to better manage your emails.

You can see pictures automatically.

You can attach multiple files at once, that if you have Android 4.3 or higher.

Attach automatic responses can also be done from Gmail for mobile.

You can print emails and attachments from the cell without sending the data to a computer. This only if you have Android 4.4 or higher.

You not already have Gmail on the phone. Try Gmail Sign in

Facebook login

It is estimated that there are about 1600 million registered Facebook users. The biggest jump of Facebook was in 2009 when it reached 250 million users, in September of that year passed 300 million. Since December of that year the social network had 350 million users. Two years later Facebook reach the unimaginable figure of 800 million users. Today it is the user number to reach 1.6 billion.

numbers scare anyone and no wonder. It began as an idea of ​​a frat boys eleven years ago and has become the most widely used online platform in the world both for common users, businesses, companies and multinationals. Today almost anyone can meet anyone else on the planet by Facebook.

What to do after you login Facebook?

Facebook offers a wall, which can publish your notes or thoughts, be accompanied by photos, drawings, presentations, panels, links or videos registered users. These entries in the walls can be discussed, shared and / or seen by other Facebook users, both friends and acquaintances as friends of friends, general public, etc.

Various levels of publications, for example Facebook allows public or private profile completely where you can select which person you show your wall and those who do not.

The good thing is that Facebook login have access to a social network where most of your acquaintances, friends, family and people to meet is already connected, all you need to register is a valid email address.

To access facebook just go to:

Tips for making your campaign Google Adwords

It is important when developing a campaign Adwords take into account the level of optimization, we organize our campaign specifics in order to have control over performance, since lower the CPC to increase our CTR.

Adwords is definitely a must-so in this article will provide some tips which you can be helpful when developing your campaign on Google Adwords.

1. Determine the clear objective of your campaign before entering Google Adwords

Before you start using this amazing tool takes into account what is your goal and you want to get with you to realize campaign in Google Adwords, you want to get: Click, sales, users spend more time on your site.

It is important to take into account that Google will offer first quality sites, thus seeks to provide a quality website which suppose a good user experience, this way Google will recognize positive first.

2. Do not try to fool Google

When I refer to do not try to fool Google Adwords I mean to use 2 accounts Adwords to appear 2 times in search results. This practice is not allowed by Google as this runs counter to the experience of users.

3. Adwords is a tool, not a seller

For your campaign to be successful you have to take into account that depends on who handle this tool, it is important to optimize the account that is totally basic, so if you do not have much experience personally recommend hiring a Freelance which can be carried out your campaign, this will make your job much easier.

4. Takes into account mobile devices

Create different versions of your mobile website, Google surely reward you for this. The responsive designs offer many advantages although Google Adwords tool allows you to segment by devices remember this will not help unless you have a quality website.

5. Study customers

If you have the opportunity to interact with people who visit your site, you do not miss this opportunity and contact some of the users who visit your site, this in order to obtain the personal opinion of multiple users in order to improve the quality of your campaign and website.