Account activity - Gmail Mail has an alert system that records the account access allowing you to have a better track of your data.

The alert function is also a good tool against hackers and spies or home business allowing you to keep track on a chart of the day and time you accessed the gmail email account.

View account activity gmail
The first thing you do is log on gmail
Then in the inbox you are heading towards the bottom of the screen you will see a small link on the right side it says: Detailed information, click here.
A window will pop up with a table showing the recent account activity.

In the window you will see information such as:
Type of browser
Location by IP address
Date and time of access, time zone
At last we have an option called "Show an alert for unusual activity", this feature lets you know if someone accessed your account from a location that would probably not usually use.

These functions allow you to improve the security of Gmail because we can have more and better control access to accounts.

It is now widely used tools like Google for Mobile what it takes users to log in gmail from mobile devices, but sometimes leave the session open which creates confusion in the access of it.

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