Download Chrome Remote Desktop BETA - A new service is part of the family Google, Chrome Remote Desktop is BETA as always, the company emphasizes the BETA label, why? 

This is because Google still does not guarantee the essence and functionality of the service as it is in the middle stage of development, this tool allows us to connect to the desktop of another PC, it works great but has its downside, is still somewhat unstable and slow.

Google tells users that stability is still not 100% so asks experts and developers to turn their knowledge to have a much more stable application.

Chrome Remote Desktop BETA
is a free to downloadable plugin and obviously works with Chrome the Google's browser, the idea is that no matter which operating system we can run other desktop access via web browser.

Being on the stage of development can not yet have all the privileges to gain full access to another computer.

How it works?

Download Chrome Remote Desktop BETA
Then we put an access code, this code is a unique code with which to access the other PC.
On the PC that will serve huespued can set access privileges that can go from one reading to temporary total access.

Remote access systems are not new in the Internet world, but Google has agreed to release this technology so we can all have a universal system of free desktop computer regardless of operating system and your PC.

Download Remote Desktop Chrome BETA