Chrome launch gamedpad on 2012

It is not always easy to tell when Chrome has been updated. Continuously open source browser Google is changing, however are not always large enough to pay attention.

Now however in early 2012 will get a security update that will call your attention. This is a new hardware device specifically designed for developers of Chrome by Google.

At a conference in Liverpool, England hinted that this project appears to be ready in early 2012. The device will obviously be 100% compatible with chromebook, the idea is to incorporate a device to handle entertainment applications, games in general.

Will gamepad, microphone and support for Google Chrome, in addition to support for communication and other device WebRTC specifically serve to improve the experience of communication in real time when playing.

The conference also discussed the importance of video streaming and file transfer speeds when playing online.
Not all countries have the same rates and latency internet connection speed, so you have a software that can adapt to the needs and services providers to offer users will be important in this matter.

There is no doubt that this is a breakthrough, but still no release date for this new gadget.