New HD themes for gmail - The themes to customize your gmail inbox mail has always been attractive. Now with the new look that was given to the tray came a series of themes to customize HD for best display high resolution images, bright colors, clean lines and dramatic plots are some of the functions that have to add to the tray.

All this arose from an alliance between gmail e-mail and photo platform iStockphoto.
This platform was born some time ago as a center for buying and selling high quality photos, Gmail now reached an agreement to offer its users the possibility of getting a free stock photos to customize your inbox.

iStockphoto and Gmail have joined forces to bring you the most beautiful and attractive designs for your inbox imáganes hope that will match your customization email.

If you want, there is a premium line, buying 50 credits at iStockPhoto you can have a photo section for almost unlimited gmail issues.
Using the code GMA1120 get a 20% discount on the purchase of HD pictures.

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