How to attach a doc file in Gmail

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In this tutorial you will see how to attach a Word file to your email in gmail, it's very easy.

The first thing you do is go to
Then go to login gmail
In the Inbox, click on compose
Click the Attach File link, where you select one or more Word files to attach.
You will see the file loads, you will have a progress bar when you have an OK sign is that the file is loaded.
Click on send and ready.

To select multiple files you can press the Ctrl key or by using the ctrl + a (select all) and select all files.

When you send mail, Gmail allows the recipient to view the file in Word as your system is compatible with Google Docs, so you can view, edit, save and even print the attached file without downloading it to your PC. Same to you, the file is saved in Google's cloud so you can access the document and edit it anytime.

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