Manage contacts gmail - The new Gmail's interface allows you to manage your contacts in a much faster, minimalist and intuitive.

How do we manage our contacts?

What we will do gmail login.

In the inbox, where it says Mail, Gmail logo below and you'll click on a popup menu where it says there, click Contacts.

After that go to the contacts page on the left will appear a menu where contacts by groups, by criteria, the most used, your inner circle, and so on.

What you can do is manage by groups or on the right side of the screen appear one by one, you can click on a contact to add information such as name, on name, place of employment, phone number, etc..

These things are important, for example by adding a phone number gmail allows you to make a call, ie the gmail inbox in the chat section, will enable the contact to call via Google Calls.

You can also click on the contact box and pressing the delete key will delete it.

Stay tuned for more gmail tutorials