Speed ​​and Security

Gmail.com - The launch of a new beta for Google Chrome has revolutionized the market for web browsers when this new version is a strong emphasis in terms of speed and security.

One of the things that appeals to users of Chrome is the speed at which pages load even though they sometimes are not optimized for this browser, however when you press the enter key after typing the URL you know that in less a second site have been fully charged.

The new version of Chrome is still faster then try it and see what it is to navigate quickly.

With respect to security enhancement adds a Google to protect against malicious downloads, now when you download such a file with a. Exe or. Msi they will be analyzed immediately in a sandbox to avoid having problems when your unzip computer and execute them.

Of course Google Chrome is still the best option to surf the Web and take full advantage of Gmail e-mail. Do not have Gmail e-mail?