Android Gmail

Keep the idea to having gmail email always open wherever that you are, ¿How do you do that? Is easy, you only must having a mobile device with Android.

Nowadays most of smartphone allows the installation of Android such as operating system, anyways Android supports many applications that help in the performance of your cellphone, one of the most used is the Gmail Android, it allow open a Gmail email directly from your phone, but with improvements if we compared to the last version of Gmail e mail in the web browser.  

Because of Gmail is a mobile app it will look a little different from what the web version is for users, of PC, but don´t worry, equally you can use this tools and will get used to this new environment designed for phones. 
What we can do with Android Gmail?

You can manage many g mail email accounts.
You can save and view the files that have been attached to the email.
You can configure the labels.
You can enjoy an experience 100 % online with your email.

For more information you can go to Android Gmail official link: