Office for Android

Despite of this is a blog designed to provide information about gmail email, is very useful have some knowledge more about the new technologies of the information they could help us.

As many of you know, have a document editor on the cell phone is very important, but when we have to work so hard with the phone, with the email and with many tools that are available on line, is important keep everything well organized.

The Android app that we will show you is an alternative to Google Docs, you have to remember that you can always use Google Docs from your smart phone or PC you just have to login gmail.
If you are one of the people who have Android in your mobile, we show you Kingsoft Office, an office tool that has a text editor, spreadsheet creator and a tool to edit presentations, all in an environment particularly designed for your phone.

The best part it´s free and runs on Android 2.1 or higher edition, as well as being called the best office application for Android is one of the most lightweight app that consumes less resources on your cell phone.

It offers features such as copy, paste, cut, move.
You can through a bluetooth device print directly.
You can send attachments files with email, it is special to take an advantage of your Gmail email account.

Also you can creating dynamic graphics, have updated price lists, and build online databases, create fun presentations as well.

Link to the official website of Kingsoft Office