Outlook Sign In

If you are looking registering in Outlook in Spanish then came the right place.
This site is dedicated to disseminating information, tutorials, news, tips, advice and troubleshooting Outlook mail, is serving Internet users to (always free) provide all necessary information to open Outlook mail correctly.
Outlook.com is Microsoft official mail as was Hotmail.com

Do you feel confused? Many users change impacted Hotmail to Outlook, but is natural, what Microsoft had planned for some time.

About 15 days ago completed the migration of more than 300 million active users of Hotmail, to provide a checkbox faster, dynamic, easy to use and fun.
Want to have one?

To register for Outlook do the following:

Go to www.outlook.com

In the bottom of the screen you will see a link that says Register now, click here.

Go to a page where you must fill out the form below

Place your name, date of birth and gender.

Choose the account name and password Microsft. It should be as low eight characters.

Place the password again.

Then you fill out information on how to reach you in case you lose or forget the password for Outlook email.

Place your phone.

An alternate email address

Choose a secret question and a secret answer sets.

About your location

Country or region where you are.

Finally you will see a captcha, ie an image that has letters in it, place these letters or code, this works for Microsoft distinguishes you're not a robot.