8 Tips to get more of Gmail

If you need to work with the mail, or you use many hours per study, or friends encourage you to read these 8 tips to improve the use of Gmail

Maximizes time using the new tools of Gmail, sure you will not regret.

1 - How to know if a message was sent only to me?
Sometimes we do not know if a mail is addressed to us alone or are part of a chain mail. Well, now you know if the mail was sent only to you or to multiple recipients.
On the left side of your email, in the view of the inbox before opening the email see an arrow. If the icon has an arrow, indicates that the message I was sent to you and other users, if you have two arrows, the message was sent only to you.

2 - I just sent an email but the recipient was wrong. You sent an email and was missing something.
Now you can undo the sending of email, this function is active only for a couple of seconds. What you have to do is click on UNDO in view of writing and the message does not reach its destination.

3 - Find an email
The vast amount of information that is stored in our inbox work makes it almost impossible to sort the mails. We end by creating hundreds of subfolders and files, labels and stars, so it is best to use the search.
Place a keyword and Gmail will return the best results instantly.

4 - Move your emails
The Move function is not the same as filing. When moving're sending an email to a specific folder and assign particular importance with tags.

5 - Tags
We can arrange a much more efficient if we put our mail labels. For example, we emphasize personal e mails that are sent by websites or companies.

6 - Customize your inbox
You can customize your tray to show the amount of emails you want, the way they are shown or even separate tabs.

7 - Save money on calls and stay connected all the time
Using the Google Talk you can chat with friends anywhere in the world, to see them through the camera and speak as if you were on the phone.

8 - Stresses something special
Use the stars to mark which emails are more important. These always appear at the top of the inbox but are read.