Shortcuts on gmail

Many of you may use the keyboard more than the mouse. So for fans of the shortcuts we present super useful this post will help you maximize your performance within Gmail inbox.

How to use keyboard shortcuts in Gmail?
The first thing to know is that the total keystrokes are turned off so many times you will use the key combinations and function, but in reality, you're using the browser combinations, so you may sometimes work and other no.

For example, the key combination ctrl + c and ctrl + v to copy and paste it will work but it is ready to work with the browser. To have on hand all the key combinations you must first activate them.

Let Gmail login
Then we click on the gear icon is to CONFIGURATION, there we click on where it says Settings.
Then go to the option: Keyboard Shortcuts and click on the box that says Enable hotkeys.
Come to the end of the page and click on the Save Changes button.
Now the key combinations have been activated so you can use them all.
They are:
C - New message
D - New post in a new compose window
/ - Put the cursor in the search bar
K - Leave the cursor on the most recent conversation
J - Move cursor to older conversation
Enter - Open a message if you are out of the conversation view
U - again received
E - File the conversation in which you are
X - Marks the message for you, archive, label, move to trash, mark it as SPAM, etc..

To see the complete list of key combinations click here.