The advantages of use gmail email

Create Account Gmail is easy. Just follow three simple steps. But before you create an account on Gmail is good to know the advantages you have over other free emails.

You can also sign Gmail from anywhere, at any time, from any device. While you have an internet connection and a suitable apparatus can read or send your emails without problems. Suitable for use in computer, tablet or smartphone Gmail is compatible with most modern devices.

Free Storage
You have 15 GB of free space for each Gmail account. But you can also synchronize this account to upload your photos, share them or use hard disk space as virtual thanks to Google Drive.

Search tools
The same technology that has the search engine Google is available to you in your inbox. So you can find any mail from any destination just by entering a few keywords.

What are the hangouts? It is a new tool that allows you to give more life to your conversations, now you can follow the thread of conversations and video calls directly from the message you are reading.

Best of all is that all these tools are available for you absolutely free.