How to synchronize Outlook calendar on an iPad / iPhone?

Surely you are a big fan of Hotmail email and you know all the benefits of creating an account on Hotmail email , but what if you are sure that you had overlooked is the possibility existed for some time to be able to easily synchronize your calendar directly on your iPhone or iPad.

How to synchronize Outlook calendar on an iPad or iPhone?
All you have to do is obviously have a Hotmail email.
Then you 'll have to open your account , putting your username and password.
Then go to your iPad or iPhone and you will open the service called iCal.
To make sure that everything works in order, you must connect your device to your PC and sync with iTunes so that you have the latest version of iCal , you may have an outdated version if you experience occasional inconvenience.
Once you've updated your version of iCal , you can synchronize your iPad or iPhone perfectly with Outlook Calendar.

Do I want to sync my Outlook calendar on my iPad, but I have iCal ?
In this case you can choose to use the office suite Office for Mac version 2011 . It allows you thanks to the update patches full synchronization with your Outlook Calendar no problem, just have to put your data and go.