New gmail for ipad and iphone

Recently was published on the Gmail Blog (Official Website) the new version of Gmail for iPad; the new update consists in visual and technical improvements, let’s see what are:

Gmail for iPad Features 2013

You can use up to five Gmail accounts on the same device .
New courier system . Includes icons with notification center .
We can perform searches within the inbox .
We can see the profile picture of a user while in a conversation.
It features auto-complete as you write a contact name .
We can respond to an invitation from Google Calendar.
You can also read and reply to Google+ .
Send and receive attachments

New Updates . Version: 2.7182

We can put Gmail in full screen mode if you only hold the iPad in landscape mode for a few seconds .
Best move between categories, posts , plates, etc.
Now you can see the section to compose a new email in full screen mode .
New navigation bar.
Several improvements to the graphics .

Gmail for iPad