New Gmail for iPhone

For those with an iPhone is not less know that there is a new update to the Gmail app for iPhone.

In the new version of Gmail for iPhone, Google emphasized the full screen experience , so you will see the tools that were commonly available in sight now in full screen.

The dimensions of a smartphone like the iPhone make users choose to enlarge the screen on which they are located , as websites often are not optimized to fit the screens of these devices.

Gmail now has an improved version of Gmail for iPhone where we can use the entire screen of the phone to use the tools.

One of the improvements is such that by keeping the screen in landscape mode quickly see a navigation bar , then we also have the ability to see in the inbox , categories to navigate between emails.

We may also access a full screen view to compose a new mail, this makes it much more productive use our smartphone to communicate through email .

Gmail for iPhone Features:
We can quickly switch between 5 different Gmail accounts.
We notified about new mails.
We can look into the inbox, plus suggestions appear.
You can see the profile picture of a user in a conversation
If we are writing a new email, the contact name appears as a suggestion while you 're writing , even if that email is a contact phone itself.
We can see and respond invitations Google Calendar.
You can send and receive attachments.