Gmail for Mobile

Need to have your email on your phone? You can now use Gmail mail directly on your smartphone, you can send and receive emails, send pictures, attach files, even edit them, you can store files in the cloud of Google called Google Drive and then you can see them right on your phone, all thanks Gmail for mobile.

With the advent of the smartphone was a matter of time for Internet users can spend more time connected to the web from their cell phones than from a desktop computer. For many desktop computer or transferred to a PC background, exclusively for industrial use or study , or for heavy domestic use, for users who need to use more advanced programs how photo editors, applications programming, etc.

The bulk of users, sending emails, watch videos, share information, find news, entertainment, sports ,results, etc.

The tablet or smartphone which has at your fingertips real-time information on what he likes are accustomed.
Google is no stranger to these changes so lives creating and developing new and better applications that try to satisfy users.

One is Gmail for mobile, a lightweight version of Gmail but specially designed for mobile phones, enhanced even for devices using Android or iOS.

The same notifications you have on your desktop will have them in your phone screen as an instant notification, you know when you have new mail , when someone wants to chat, if you got an email with attachments, etc.

Besides using the power of Google search engine on your phone, so that you become fully integrated. 

For example you can write a message to a contact in your mobile phone and Gmail will show you tips recipients as you type the name of a contact.
All this and more you can find in Gmail for mobile.

Gmail for mobile is available for download for both Android and iOS.