Gmail now displays images

When you go to Gmail login page and enter a new mail that has come we may see a link within the same where we are asked if we want to display attached images. We have all the freedom in the world both to activate the preview images to keep them locked.

Gmail far maintained a policy of not display images by default and enable them only if our stock to give as positive a sender.

The images, like any other computer file, have information that often can not see, that is, part of their encoding may have information that only our computer or smart phone can Gmail displays images via email

see and use. That's why I disable Gmail same as automatic sample images to keep users safe, because it could compromise the security of your device through an image that you want to see.

Gmail now displays images
Thanks to new technologies implemented by Google in their Gmail inbox now the system has significant improvements in safety analyzes before opening any attachment or images in search of computer viruses or malicious files that may affect the safety of your team.

What does this mean? What is better than Gmail to display images without asking?
You and your team are safer. Having a system that can scan the files before you open them will be safer when reading mail.