Create Gmail Account

Did you know that Gmail gives you one of the best inboxes history? In addition to fast, secure email, to create Gmail account we have the benefit of using large tools made by Google to us, as in the case of Google Drive, which lets you store anything on your mind, as if a virtual hard disk.

Gmail for mobile, a lightweight version of the email specially designed for smartphone, fits your model phone and have the same tools as the PC version but optimized.

Google Cloud Print one of the tools of the moment that allows you to print from any device, may be a tablet, a netbook or a cell. You send the order to print from wherever you are. You can be on vacation or heading home and remembered that you had to print something in the office, with Google Cloud Print the problem is solved.

The intelligent inbox
Gmail offers by far the best inbox currently has different algorithms that detect when an email is important when a social network, where an advertising email or just an email when we could not get to give high importance. Same with messages from family, work, people you talk more, they become part of the priority email.

By creating Gmail account are not only accessing email but to a world of tools that will allow us to be more and more connected with the world. Google Calls is another great tool that we can enjoy, transforming our computer on a phone, we can even call a phone line.

If what you want is to establish HD video calls through the computer, Google Chat, you're covered.