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Yahoo is also an email provider, one of the news portals, videos and the world's largest online entertainment. Along with Gmail and Hotmail, Yahoo leads the first places in terms of number of email users.
Regarding access to Yahoo, we may well be accessed from the news portal or directly to your inbox.
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Yahoo login
If you go to www.yahoo.com will see that we are in the main news portal, we videos about economics, regional and international news, sports, statistics, photos, online gaming, etc. The only thing is that this site has to be the original all information in English. To access the Yahoo mail and log in English, we will click where it says: Mail There will place your username and password will access the inbox.

To go directly to your inbox and bypass the news portal, let's go to the web address: https://login.yahoo.com.

Any of the methods mentioned will allow you to access the inbox of Yahoo Mail.