Create label on Gmail

Tags are tools we can help organize email, especially if we are working with the mail, always working from home or take some work home.

Having hundreds of emails to read or answer can be a cumbersome task but we have some extra help you can give us a hand. Resolved to introduce the Gmail labels feature that lets you create groups of concatenated messages with a common denominator.

Example: in the inbox mails have new shopping through internet, as they can be amazon, ebay, etc.
Suppose we want to do a filter between what are mailings or answers to specific questions and shopping itself. Well we can create a label for this kind of messages.

Either we have a large family and we want to highlight some emails over others, well, we can create a label for certain circles of people we know.

The uses of tags in messages are infinite, is not the case for this article, but it was worth it introduces the user to use what . Now let's see how to create a label in Gmail for emails.

Gmail Login
Then we will click where it says: More  on the left side of your screen
At the end we will see the Create New Tag.
We click on it.
We'll see a new pop-up window where you choose the name for the label and if we want to nest within any of the existing categories. Once we begin to create categories , we can introduce tags into categories created by us.