MyDocs. App to use your files from Google Docs on Android

Android, Google Docs, Gmail, surely this sum of elements results, work, study, career, research or something similar. For those who use Google Docs as a work platform is to study, work environment or just get higher productivity to our devices, we know that having a good set of tools will give us the advantage.

mydocs on android
What is MyDocs?
It is an application for Android, for free, which is still in its beta version, which translates as you still need to keep improving.
This does not mean you have major flaws or is unproductive, contrary can have great results with this application.

What good I have in my Android MyDocs?
Good question. If you are someone who uses Google Docs, then you will like this app, which basically allows you to view and edit your files created in Google Docs, so perfectly synchronizes your Google account, the smartphone or tablet, or then can open your files there smoothly.

What can you do with MyDocs installed on my Android?
You can search for a specific file or create a file filter to find your document.
You can select a file , rename or delete it.
You can upload Office files to your Google Docs account directly from your phone or tablet.
You can create a new document from scratch and upload it to your Google Docs account.
You can use this application to have faster access to your files

What are the advantages?
If you are a seller or carry a stock or are in the part of resource management, you can go to the site to control or where you go to perform a new task and you just have to take your smartphone, then you can load the data directly into it and upload them to Google Docs.

What do I need?
A smartphone with Android OS 1.6 or higher
Internet connection
An email account gmail

Visit MyDocs page in Google Play