Save the photos in Gmail from the smartphone

Surely if you have a smartphone and you've gone on vacation, you've spent a weekend with family, friends, recently came back from a concert or you went to another city, you can have the phone full of pictures.

Today smartphone with high quality cameras are gaining ground as users take pictures all the time to remember their best seasons of life.
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Gmail makes you easier when storing these tons of pictures life. In the past the system consisted of having to pass the pictures to the computer, have some application for cataloging these photos and then burn them on a CD, move them to a USB flash drive or removable disk or in the best of cases with some account sync email. Quite a cumbersome system to do so had to be expert.

Today that is history; with Google Photos you can create albums directly from your smartphone, plus the inalámrbica smartphone connectivity lets you upload files to any time with just one click on your screen.

Gmail has a feature that auto save or autobackup lets you be storing things automatically mediated you're composing a new mail or by sending a photograph these . Likewise lets you download some files depending on their format a convenient and sophisticated without depending if uploaded files or sent by senders.

Best of all is that if you need a picture you know is in your email the Look, then drag it to the compose window and can automatically attached to a new message, like the drag and drop of your desktop computer.