The Google Music Player

Play audio or music in Gmail
Besides the benefits already at the time of registration Gmail, we can also take advantage of several of its tools, such as being able to attach audio files to our messages.
In the past both audio files mp3 and other audio formats standards were uploaded to the mail, attached, redundant and sent to recipients like any other file on our computer.
Clicking on the download link, you might as well download the file as a play on your default player application.
Knowing this improved Gmail users can use email as a means of transporting audio files.
google music player
What is Gmail can basically play any audio file from one's inbox without using any intermediate application.
The good thing is that we can listen to music without opening another program, very good if you have restrictions on your computer with multimedia applications or use pieces of audio to communicate instead of text.

Send audio with Gmail

It does not require rocket science to send an audio file via email, just go to Gmail login.

Then we will write a new email, put the recipient and click on the attachments icon.

Navigating our computer you click on the audio file you want to send, we hope that you upload, and then we click on send.
If we want to play audio, just have to open the mail that has the file and then you click on it, it will automatically play in our inbox.