How to attach a photo to email?

Surely you have a nice picture on your cell phone or digital camera you want to send to someone by email. While Facebook has made ​​it easier to share digital "things" such as photos, videos, notes, etc. There is always the possibility that you want to send something to someone specifically without others to see, ie to the side of our utmost privacy; not because we want to hide something, but because it is sometimes not entirely beneficial post things on the internet where hundreds of millions of users have access.


Imagine being doing a real estate business, project, or want to show a new car to someone, besides wanting to send a picture of your holiday a grandmother in another country that has not yet been able to adapt to the Smartphone but good if you can open Outlook or Gmail or Hotmail inbox, then you should attach a photograph more.

The process of attaching a picture from a camera or Smartphone is much easier if that photo is stored on a removable memory and not on the internal memory of the device.

This because most phones and cameras require special software to be installed on the computer, ie, drivers or drivers. Example: you are in an internet cafe in a bus station and you have to be asking for administrator permissions to guy cyber so you can install a cell phone or camera, that will always be at the discretion of the owner, the same as if you use your own computer, etc. Not to mention that your data can be synchronized with the computer on which you install the phone.

Besides the fact that they are stored on a removable memory makes it easier to process, for example remove the memory of the camera and can connect directly to a laptop or netbook without having to do anything else.

Once this is done you can now upload the picture.

What you do is open your Gmail email account, if you have not recommend reading the steps to register for Gmail.
Once in your inbox, click on write.

Then click on the icon showing a clip, this means attach.

Navigation window opens your operating system, there usually seeks E: drive that is associated with removable drives within it will be the or photos you want to attach.

Press send and ready. The beauty of this process is also doing a backup of your photos because are stored in your e-mail and will not be deleted from there.

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