Use Google Drive to back up your photos

I lost my camera, spoiling the hard disk, the memory card does not work, I find the stick. These are just some of the possibilities that may occur to you in life when watching your favorite pictures.

Gone are those days where people gathered around the family album showing a photo or two early childhood, the occasional school stage and then a family gathering that filled the album.


Google Drive
Today we have thousands of photos in a single ride or a holiday gathering with friends is normal.

One of the most frustrating moments is when we want to see a little vido or just enjoy a photo gallery of a recent outing and we find that our storage system failed.

From one day to the next your hard drive may fail, sending years of memories to nothing, so that this does not put the willies and go into a depression we show you this fabulous tutorial that shows you how to store your photos on Google Drive a virtual 15-gigabyte hard drive free.

Steps to save photos to Google Drive
First of all we must have a Google account, ie, a Gmail account, but you try to register in gmail.
Then go to
With your active account click on the icon that is an up arrow next to the Create button. This is the upload button.

Then click file, there you can browse your computer to find pictures. If you go to the Computer icon'll find storage units such as flash drive, camera or memory cards.
To select all using combination keys ctrl + a.

Once selected you will see as a bar that lists the files to be shown up.

The upside of storing data in the cloud with Google
Never go to waste
You can access them from any device: tablet, phone, computer
It's free

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