Gmail has more than one billion downloads for Android

The Gmail app for Android managed to give a blow to knock out other apps for emails, has achieved a staggering one billion downloads.

gmail for android downloads

Technically package offered in Google Play continues an upward trend since January, but come automatically installed with Android 2.2 or higher computer downloads have increased, this must be added which is also available from portals Gmail for Android Internet worldwide.

The surge counter displays unique accounts, has no multiple or failed downloads. Also keep in mind that users can have more than one mobile device or duplicate accounts.

Gmail currently has about 425 million active users, so it becomes the most used email worldwide. This figure is lower than the number of accounts, since there are more accounts created that active users, many users create double counting both for work, entertainment, love, etc.
What if there is no doubt that Gmail for Android is the most popular mobile application.

Hotmail is trying to outdo Gmail but for now fails to reach it. Only in the 15th anniversary of the mail, we speak of July 2011 announced that Hotmail had 360 million active users worldwide, for now there is no new information on the number of active Hotmail accounts.