How to create a signature in Gmail?

You've seen many emails where a brief but celebrated description of the sender appears at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes this is essential for business as well as to be clear who is sending us an email. We are talking about a signature.

gmail signature

But ... too elaborate signature has its Achilles heel, the hyperlinks.

Most programs and applications for managing e will reject any outbound link in an email, so if your firm is made from an image, which can be very elegant, but it points to a link, you will not have more than an empty box on the user to whom you want to reach space.

Now, Gmail lets you create, effective, practical and simple custom signature. Let's see how.

In your Gmail account, click the gear icon (Settings) and select the Settings option.

Then you're going down the screen until you find the option: Signature.

Here you have two options: No Signature; does not need much explanation.

Signature, here is a small text box with some tools to edit to create your custom signature.

Once this is done you will have your signature and every time someone receives an email yours may have data like your name, address, title and any message you want to do you arrive.