How to delete an email definitely from Gmail?

Archive, delete and purge, are different things. You may be thinking that you make an annoying waste of mail you received or you cleaned your mailbox correctly, but maybe not. Here we show you how to permanently delete an email.

You are about to login gmail.

In your inbox or select the emails you want to delete, click the delete icon, as shown in the picture.

Then click on the left menu, click More for more options, and finally click on trash to go to the Deleted Items section.

delete icon gmail

Once there you will see the emails that have been sent to Recycle Bin, from here you have the option to recover or remove them completely. Once an email reaches the recycle bin is removed completely after 30 days, once after this time can not be recovered.


What good is having a recycle bin?

Sometimes you may eliminate or something by mistake then we want it back, that's what the recycle bin, one Ăștlima option before losing everything completely. The good thing is that gmail is not erase anything, now has 15 GB of storage for free accounts, in case you're thinking this is too much for the use you need can acquire more space.

For example you can buy 100 Gb per month extra space with a monthly payment of 1.99 usd or purchase a pack of 1 Tb per month for only 9.99 usd.