How to print a mail directly from gmail?

As a user can downloading an email to your computer or Google Drive, but you can also print to take the docuemento in A4.

Now, let's see how.

First you go to your mailbox, then you open the email in question, at the top of the email you will see two icons, one simulates a printer icon for obvious reasons which you will use to print. The next icon lets you open the email in a new window, separate totalmetne to your inbox.

how to print from gmail

If you want to print the e-beam click on the icon you see in the image or using the key combination Ctrl + P.
Once done a new tab will appear in your web browser, with the email you want to print and corresponding system window opens to print from the browser.

Select the printer where you want to send the file, the type of leaf and ready. You have your printed mail.

Want to see how it would be printed in a type of leaf, how can I do?

A good trick before printing or if you do not have a printer handy and want to see how it is to convert the file to a PDF. Instead of selecting a printer you will use the options you have in your system to convert the file to PDF and view it with a PDF viewer such as Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, etc.