How to upload photos to Google Drive?

Either because you need extra security or want to share a lot of photos quickly, have an option to Google Drive is the best.

google drive

With your gmail account you have access to Google Drive online storage system that lets you upload up to 15 GB of data totally free.

If you need extra space you can buy buying packages of 100 Gb per month and up to 1 TB for a very affordable price.

Now, let's see how to upload photos to Google Drive.

First you will have to login gmail

Then in the top right of your screen you will see an icon like a rectangle with several tables inside, this table is the table of Google tools, click there and a menu which will select the Google Drive option is displayed.

google drive upload

A new tab will open in your web browser and you can choose to create a new folder, to keep things more organized, or upload directly.

Click upload and select the image you want, at the bottom right of your screen a progress bar Rise photos are displayed.

google drive bar

Once this is done you can have all the pictures you want, even with free access, plus if you want the you can share with your loved ones or close friends through Google+.