Black Friday arrived at Google Play Store

Black Friday (black Friday) is the day after the day of Thanksgiving, a traditional festival in the United States. This day is used to mark the start of the holiday shopping season not only in the US but in most of the English speaking world and has spread in recent years in Spain and parts of Latin America.

Basically it is a day where large shopping chains, and almost all multinational companies selling products and / or services make significant discounts, making it almost irresistible to some consumers do not buy something they like.

This year the novelty comes from the hand of Google Play Store where hundreds of developers companies chose offer substantial discounts on their products for users of Android applications.

Some content reaches rebates of up to 40% discount, making the acquisition of payment software truly accessible to multiple users both inside and outside the United States.
black friday
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For example Adele's new album, "25", can be purchased through Google Play for just 9.49 USD, while each item costs 1.29 USD. An excellent deal for gifts or treat yourself.

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