Learn English with YouTube

Learn English with musiXmatch Lyrics for YouTube, with this tool you will learn English in the most fun and easy way you can imagine.

To learn English you have to listen much English, and a fun way to do that is to listen to English songs that we like. Now, with YouTube, it has never been easier to hear all the music we like.

For learning is complete we need to see the lyrics, which helps us to learn to pronounce, learn vocabulary and understand well the song. What happens is not always the songs are subtitled we like and if they are sometimes deleted YouTube videos.

MusiXmatch gives you the lyrics of the songs synchronized.

Learn English with Youtube and musiXmatch
The problem of the videos erased by copyright ends with musiXmatch. This is an extension for Chrome only, that makes us the lyrics above videos without anyone to have subtitling. The captions are synchronized with the video alone, so we have to devote us only learn English and enjoy the music.

www.musixmatch.com is the catalog of letters world's largest songs.