Popular Searches of 2015 Google

This 2015 is registered in the social networks very significant changes as users have been looking not only issues related to work or school, there are also very relevant interest related to such events such as Hurricane "patricia" which this 2015 has been placed in one of the most searched topics on Google.

Hurricane "Patricia" was the theme most wanted 2015 in Mexico. He tells us that the manager of Google Mexico, Ricardo Zamora impact of this hurricane on Google searches was quite fast because users did not stop to find information related to this event, such as: What ?, Where affected areas is ?, what was the extent of the damage?

Popular Searches of 2015
We also note that this 2015 not only related to this topic were observed in Mexico searches related to sports in general but alas something interesting as the sport with the highest number of searches was not only the soccer searches were also observed.

Athletes searches which were not related to Mexico, the strange thing about all this is that it was used to Mexican platicaran about soccer were also observed.

In this 2015 hurricane patricia it was not the only topic of interest, one of the most important issues that were memes 2015 (Whimsical changing the way in which people communicate).

To end the 5 most searched topics this 2015 were: Hurricane Patricia, Joan Sebastian, 50 Leftover Grey, Lorena Rojas and Chapo Guzman.

Most searches carried out on Google are using mobile devices, 6 of the 10 hits they get videos on YouTube from Mexico are using mobile devices.