Using labels in Gmail

If I receive a lot of email, management can become a problem. Luckily, Gmail was the first webmail that gave us the ability to handle it in a professional manner, so long as the labels have options.

The tags, which can create ourselves, are a kind of brand we can put e to group and located them in a simple way. Let's see how they are used.

How the tags are used
To do this we go to the Gmail inbox and mark an email. Once we see a marked-up options, including a label. We click on it and it opens a menu where you can create a label.

Once created, you can assign it to the emails you want, marking them as we have seen before. Thus, we can create the label and assign work to work emails reaching us.

Email Gmail the best email option
At the time we want, on the right side of your screen we see the label. Clicking on it out all mail tagged with it, not have to search the inbox.