Facebook login

It is estimated that there are about 1600 million registered Facebook users. The biggest jump of Facebook was in 2009 when it reached 250 million users, in September of that year passed 300 million. Since December of that year the social network had 350 million users. Two years later Facebook reach the unimaginable figure of 800 million users. Today it is the user number to reach 1.6 billion.

numbers scare anyone and no wonder. It began as an idea of ​​a frat boys eleven years ago and has become the most widely used online platform in the world both for common users, businesses, companies and multinationals. Today almost anyone can meet anyone else on the planet by Facebook.

What to do after you login Facebook?

Facebook offers a wall, which can publish your notes or thoughts, be accompanied by photos, drawings, presentations, panels, links or videos registered users. These entries in the walls can be discussed, shared and / or seen by other Facebook users, both friends and acquaintances as friends of friends, general public, etc.

Various levels of publications, for example Facebook allows public or private profile completely where you can select which person you show your wall and those who do not.

The good thing is that Facebook login have access to a social network where most of your acquaintances, friends, family and people to meet is already connected, all you need to register is a valid email address.

To access facebook just go to: www.facebook.com