Barcelona vs Real Madrid. The soccer Derby of Spain

The classic or soccer derbay called "El Clasico", is a match in Spain between the teams Real Madrid and Barcelona. 

The first match between these two teams was given on May 13, 1902 in an amateur tournament.

In total they have faced 231 times, taking 93 victories Real Madrid, 90 FC Barcelona and have tied in 48 occasions.
History of the classic Barcelona vs Real Madrid
The first match was given on May 13, 1902 in a championship called the Madrid Competition. The first official meeting was given on March 26, 1916 during the course of the Copa del Rey.

In total they have faced 231 times and has won 93 times Real Madrid and 90 Barcelona. For the local championship have played 172 times, has 72 victories Real Madrid and 68 Barcelona, ​​for the Copa del Rey have played 33 times, winning 14 games Barcelona and 12 Real Madrid.
For the Super Cup of Spain have played 12 times, won 6 times Real Madrid and 4 Barcelona.
For the Champions League have faced 8 times, winning 3 matches Real Madrid and 2 Barcelona.
The only championship where Barcelona has won more classics than Real Madrid is in the Copa del Rey.

The great classic of Spain is played this Saturday, December 3, 2016 at the Camp Nou Stadium, in the city of Barcelona. The match starts at 16:15 hs, Spain time, the referee of the match will be Carlos Clos Gomez, referee of the First Division of Spain since 2006 and FIFA international referee since 2009.
real madrid vs barcelona el clasico soccer match of spain. classic of spain
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Match: Barcelona vs Real Madrid
Reason: day 14 of the League of Spain season 2016/2017
Date: Saturday, December 3, 2016
Time: 4:15 p.m., local time
Stadium: Camp Nou
City: Barcelona
Formations of the party Barcelona vs Real Madrid: to confirm
Match Lineups Barcelona vs Real Madrid: to be confirmed